Core Team

    Linn-Cecilie Linnemann

    CEO and founder

    CEO in Katapult Group. VC and Accelerators.

    Co-founder of Design Container, successful exit to the Artisti Group in 2015. Now part of group management team in Artisti in addition to holding position as CEO of DC. Clients include som of the biggest corporate companies in Scandinavia.Extensive experience with communication, branding, positioning, design, digital solutions and business strategy.

    Together with Heidi, Linn-Cecilie founded SHE Community in 2015.



    Clients include som of the biggest corporate companies in Scandinavia. Extensive experience as advisor to top-management groups.

    Heidi Aven

    CEO and Co-founder of She Community

    Heidi has held several leadership positions within IT and consulting and has co-founded the successful technology start-up SmartWorks. Now, she’s in the business of inspiring other women to take the lead and helping companies create more value with more diversity among managers and investors. Named one of the most influential women in Nordic Tech by Business Insider.


    Together with Linn Cecilie Linnemann, Heidi founded SHE Community in 2015.



    Extensive experience with digital conversion processes, IT strategies, sales and management functions.

    Espen Halvorsen

    Former CEO of OASIS Group & Advisor Montagu Private Equity, London. 

    International Executive with expertise in C-level Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing and turn-around leadership. Holds several board memberships, and has extensive experience with M&A processes. Founded an internet company in 1997, successful exit to a Finish group and grew to become one of the major IT companies in Scandinavia.



    Executive Leadership, Board Membership, International Sales & Marketing, Business Development, P/L leadership, Strategic planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, 6 Sigma Quality Improvement & Management.